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Germany is well-known for its automobiles. However, it should also be considered a cycling nation. There are 40% more bicycles than cars. Two out of five Germans use a bike during their vacations. Over 7,400 miles of dedicated, car-free cycling routes make the country an ideal place for cyclists of any age and fitness level.

Routes pass through picturesque and often flat landscape. In a week or two you can do a lot: celebrate vibrant wine festivals at the Rhine and Moselle, marvel at hand-made Meissen Porcelain in Dresden, or enjoy Bavarian folk music and mouth-watering cuisine.

Organising a cycle tour yourself or joining a guided group?

Organising your own tour is certainly the most exciting option. With a good map, some basic preparation and an open mind you will have an amazing but still affordable break. Go through the 'Self-contained holidays' section where you will find helpful information to prepare your cycling holiday.

Another option is booking a self-guided cycle tour. There are numerous German (and Austrian) tour operators providing tour packages along countless routes across the country, mostly alongside rivers as the Danube, the Elbe and the Moselle. They basically book all the hotels and inns for you, provide a guidebook including maps and some literature, offer a bicycle to let and transport your luggage from place to place.

Last but not least, cycling in a group with a guide. This option provides all the advantages of a real person as a guide making your cycling holiday as interesting and comfortable as possible. Often, a second guide at the accompanying van carries your luggage, prepares picnics on the way and look after your bicycle. Look for the operators who even picks you up from the airport or train station. We will give you hints how to find the right tour operator.

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